Psykopaint goes mobile

Psykopaint is very cool!

I know that’s the lamest self-promotion you’ve ever heard. But It’s true.

Now imagine that it’s 21st century and you’re using a mouse to paint!? Whaaat?

I found my own fingers easier to move than a mouse. Don’t you think?

Well, we’ve been thinking just that and that’s why we believe touchscreens are the logical next step for a painting app like us.

To make it really great, we decided to start from a blank canvas (wink, wink) and to build the whole thing from scratch the result of which is….

Lazy paint!

It will be available on all upcoming Windows 8 tablets. Microsoft Surface and all that…

Yeah I know, it’s not Psyko…paint.

That’s because:

1. It works a bit differently :

You can make great paintings so easily that we think lazies will love it.

2. It doesn’t have advanced psychopathic stuff that Psykopaint have.

But Fear not! Even though it’s almost Halloween.

3. We’re working on a fully featured iPad version of Psykopaint and we aim it to be the very best creative app ever made in the universe since Ms Paint

You can have a look at it on the Windows Store already: Click me

Warm up your fingers!

Have a lazy Halloween



Psykosoft Captain