Psykopaint creator interview

We recieved a very cute email from A young girl named Vanessa who

“was wondering if i could do an interview with you it’s for school i have to do an interview with someone who has done something amazing and you have
and maybe I’ll get the full version of psykopaint if you choose that i have it .”

It proves Flattery can get you… somewhere! But please don’t flood with request to get the full version. that won’t work ;-)
Those were really great questions so you (reading this), might also be interested in learning a bit more about Psykopaint’s story.
Here it goes:

1.When did you think of this website?
Mathieu Gosselin: I was doing digital art as a passtime aside of my main job as freelance flash developer, i got inspired by digital artists like Eric Natzke or Mario Klingemann (who’s now a core member of Psykosoft!) who made me realize the potential of visual tinkering. I always wished to be an artist but my mum didn’t thought it was a viable career so i took on IT instead ;-) (and loved it too).
But since i knew how to code i created my own tool to make up for that and expressed my sensibility via programming instead of using hand drawing skills. Then people got interested in my artworks and i thought it would be great to bring this new art form to everybody instead of keeping it to myself and the few who knew how to do creative coding. That’s how Psykopaint was born.

2.How did you create it the way it is ?
Mathieu Gosselin: Designed it and programmed it and then re-designed it and re-programmed it, etc… It took a lot of time to make it what it is today. Getting users’ feedback and always trying to improve it all the time. I did a lot of mistakes along the way and lot of things didn’t work as planned or hoped but by keeping moving forward that became what it is today. And the best is yet to come.

3. Did you create it alone ?
Mathieu Gosselin: Yes i did it alone, it was a personal project that became bigger and ended up being a company. I became overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to keep it going. So now we have new people on board that are working on the next version of Psykopaint and i’m not doing the programming anymore. Our new programming team is composed of the very best people in the world who could be working on psykopaint right now, so it’s in safe hands. I’m still updating actual Psykopaint version from time to time (as i’m the one who knows the whole thing best) to keep our psykopainters happy. But i think next version will really take it to the next level.

4. How do you feel now when you get mail by one of your subscribers?
Mathieu Gosselin: It depends. There are all sorts of emails. Some are irritating because they keep asking you the same questions over and over again. And you wish they would read the FAQ ;-) lol. Sometimes we have really aggressive or weird people too that insult us because they don’t have this or that feature, or some people complains of various things.
So i’ve got to be really strong about that and not let it affect me personally. But by time i know how filter the crap.

Gladly there’s a large majority of great supportive comments, i think we’re one of the few companies for which customers thanks us and cheer us in mass for each newsletter or email we send! It feels great!
And finally we also receive some really moving emails.
Psykopaint had a real positive impact or so many people. Really!
I’ve heard multiple time that it saved people’s life, help them cope with grief, depression, mental illness, pain or simply blank canvas fear.
It seems Psykopaint is a great therapeutic tool. And it’s not something i had anticipated but i’m really proud of that. And that’s what motivate me to keep going and give my best.