Featured Painter: Karl Schatz

Posted on May 7, 2012

I finally got a chance to talk with one of the “stars” in the Psyko community – Karl Schatz. He has been super psyko active, producing more than 250 paintings to date. Actually, if you’ve been following the Gallery more closely, you might have seen that Karl usually produces a few paintings per day. Truly amazing!


Great to finally have a chance to talk with you Karl, could you first tell us a little bit about yourself.

I have spent more than 30 years on the road with a truck. As you can imagine, I have learned and experienced a lot on those drives and all this serve as inspiration for me. I also spend a lot of time with my family, do sports, pastel painting and now, of course, Psykopaint!

So, what’s the story about your psyko beginnings? Why did you start painting, how did you find about it?

I am currenly overgoing chemotherapy and I was looking for an alternative to pastel painting. Luckily for me, I found Psykopaint, which has just been wonderful for me.

How do you share your paintings with others? Do you use Facebook, maybe a personal blog/gallery?

I have my own web site where I post pastel paintings and my Psykopaints. Check it out here: www.kreidemaler.webnode.com

Where do you find your photos to start painting on? Any good sources of free photos that you can recommend to the rest of the psyko community?

Before I start painting I search around the web for various inspirational royalty-free photos or wallpapers. The web itself has proven to be a great resource for me.

Which paintings from your vast collection (more than 250 Psykopaintings at this moment) are you the most proud of?

I am really proud of one of my latest paintings – “Nothing is what it is”.

Besides this one, I also really like:


I noticed you are developing a very interesting new technique over on Psykopaint, where you emphasize the eye balls and totally change the faces of people. Can you tell us a little bit more about it – what’s the inspiration for it, what brushes you usually use for it, etc.?

I like to give the paintings a specific expression, a part of me, involve my emotions… Faces are very suitable and I usually use the smudge tool (spray can) and ┬áthe Vann Gogh brush. They are both very effective face changers.

If you had to choose your all-time favorite painter, who would that be?

Sure, two of my favorite painters are Gustav Klimt and Carl Spitzweg.

Tell us, what’s your favorite brush in Psykopaint?

Van Gogh and Bazille are by far my favorites and most often used brushes.

What’s next for you – do you maybe aspire to present your digital Psykopaintings in a real life exhibition?

I am currently satisfied with exposing the paintings on my homepage.

And for the very last question – would you like to share something special with the Psyko community?

Of course I am always willing to share my experience and knowledge with the community. You know, painting is one of the most beautiful activies for me and people interested in it deserve to be supported.

Thanks for the answers once again Karl! What do you think of his work? Who from the Psyko community would you like to see interviewed next? Let us know in the comments below!