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Create Unique Facebook Cover Photo in a minute

Posted on June 26, 2012

Facebook Timeline

Ever wondered why some of the Facebook timelines look so good (like the one on the right;)? And why the others are just really boring? Like – I WANT TO CLICK AWAY – boring.

Well, the secret is pretty simple and it’s called the Cover photo.

The new Facebook timeline heavily focuses on that big space at the top of your profile (if you only see your small avatar picture and big empty space – then you need some psyko cover there). This means that choosing a great photo for your Facebook profile is just really important!

But finding a great photo representing your personality can be hard. So how to do it?

Luckily for you – Psyko is here to help you again!


1. Create a Psykopainting and share it with your friends on Facebook

Alternatively  you can also just browse around the Gallery and Share any other picture you like. Psyko tip: there are some great paintings in the Staff pick section.

Share to Facebook from Psykopaint

Great – now you have your desired picture on Facebook and the only thing left is to go to Facebook and set it up as a Cover picture.

2. Go to your Facebook profile and click on Change cover (or Add a Cover if you don’t have one at the moment)

Change the cover Image

3. Select your Psykopainting within the Psykopaint Photos album

Facebook Albums

4. Reposition the image as you wish and Voila! you have a great looking unique Cover image

Reposition image
And that’s it – really easy stuff indeed. So try playing with different photos in different positions to find that sweet spot and make your Facebook profile timeline standout. forum

Tutorial: Polygon technique by Sandra Pinto

Posted on March 21, 2012

Here we continue our series of posts that we started with Susan Holsan’s recent tutorial. This week Sandra Pinto explains how YOU can paint with her Polygon technique that many of us have fallen in love with recently.

Check out some of her latest paintings painted with this technique:


Step by Step

1. Select the Knife brush + Polygonator style and start selecting and painting big parts of the image.
Selecting the big areas of the photoStill the big areas of the photo


2. Continue painting the big parts and don’t worry about the details for now.

Transforming the wall - using the spacebar wall is done, don't look to the flower



3. After you’ve finished painting big areas focus on small ones.

How? Use space bar extensively to help yourself see the original painting.

Almost ready for the details of the photo

4. Now you can start focusing on the details: start painting really small parts and add the shadow.

Working the details and the shadows of the photo


And that’s it. Hope this inspires many of you psykos to try out new painting styles!

P.s.: don’t miss Sandra Pinto’s FB page where she presents all her latest works ;)